University of Copenhagen

Work as a professor

When I am not working on my research, I spend a lot of time teaching students at the University of Copenhagen. As a professor at the Department of Political Science, I teach comparative politics, political behavior, research methods including comparative case methodology, and qualitative and quantitative methodology (applied statistics). Below you can read more about the courses that I either teach or have taught.


Every spring semester I teach Danish and comparative politics (DAK2) to approximately 300 undergraduate students at the department. I used to manage syllabi, weekly coursework, etc. for the course as well. Furthermore, I teach Ph.D. courses in research designs used in political science.

I previously managed (syllabi, organization of the teachers, weekly coursework, etc.) in methods 1 and 2, which are the basic and mandatory courses in research methods and statistics for political science students at the University of Copenhagen.

I have also taught Political campaigning, Electoral behavior, Comparative politics, Political behavior, Advanced organizational theory, Advanced applied quantitative methods, and Political opinion formation.